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US special forces back into Iraq and take of Kurdistan-based

Follow-up - and babysit - a news report said that US special operations forces or what is known strongly Delta which had been pulled out of Iraq with the US military the end of 2011 had re-emerged in Iraq through air drops malicious process carried out in collaboration with the forces of the Peshmerga to save 70 Daashaa near the town of Hawija, in a new sign of US military involvement in Iraq.
The Washington Post newspaper in the report that "the Pentagon seeks to keep the label this unit vague they are called" Special Operations Command, the US military headquarters "They follow a certain pattern in the description of the biography of soldiers who often they have not exceeded the age of thirty who are veterans of special operations units soldiers" Elite "which are known to employers Green Berets and often some of them die in the hotbeds of tension known in Iraq, such as Qaim and Ramadi and Hawija.

The report said that "Delta Force sent first to Iraq in 1991 to participate in Operation Desert Storm and the first came back after 2003 and left with the US military withdrawal, but returned to Iraq again since last year after the takeover Daash on the connector to open headquarters in Arbil, northern Iraq to carry out special operations.

He noted that "members of the Delta forces were coming to Iraq routinely years nineties as part of the UN team supervisor of the search for weapons of mass destruction," while co-operations private and night assassination groups had a role in fighter stationed in Iraq, US forces have carried out of sight journalists who were covering the war in Iraq public.