Vice calling on the government not to prejudice the salaries of staff and the search for resources to support budget

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} called an MP for the National Alliance, Rehab Alabboudh, the government has to look for additional resources for the budget and not compromising the salaries of state employees, especially the lower grades.
The Alabboudh in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it on Sunday that "we stand with the government's steps to Zaardh imports of the budget and that affected much lower oil prices, but not on state employees account through compromising their salaries." She said according to the statement that "the majority of state employees their obligations living and life, which was built on the basis of Maystlmoh of salaries and unwound will create new crises are irrelevant to the reality of this country. "and stressed" the need to work to find additional resources through investment and support the national product through the restoration of a number of local factories stalled. "It is said that the religious authority governance in Najaf called on the government to propose to her in Alihump on Friday to reconsider the law of the pay scale. As he went out and Employees of the Ministry of Higher Education demonstrations in protest against the new salary scale set by the law Aovernmh.anthy