US military change its leadership and unite in the war on Daash in Iraq and Syria

Is the US military top commanders officials in the war against terrorist gangs Daash, in both Iraq and Syria, and chose a leader and one of the task of three generals.
And cost the US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, last month, and away from the media, Lieutenant General Sean McFarland to oversee anti Daash in Iraq and Syria, the activities, and the three generals in charge by this responsibility.

Carter said that the leader and one will take over the task of three generals in the war against Daash, explaining that "McFarland was a pioneer in the use of the Awakening forces, which worked with US forces to defeat al-Qaida in Iraq six years ago."

said Carter, speaking of McFarland "will be his decisive in the coming months as we continue to provide support to partners able to fight in the front lines."
In turn, the US Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq, the private US president's envoy in the international coalition, Brett Macgork, on his said in a Twitter "news unpleasant to Daash, were unified command in Iraq and Syria, and came under the command of Gen. Sean McFarland".