Barzani, Allawi has re Hawija hostage to Baghdad after interrogation

The President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, president of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi told the details of the joint operation carried out by the international coalition in cooperation with the Peshmerga forces in Hawija southwest of Kirkuk province.

A statement by the office of Allawi, the agency received all of Iraq [where], a copy of "Massoud Barzani, president of Kurdistan region occur with Ayad Allawi, explaining the dimensions of what happened in the issue of freeing hostages in Hawija, where received Kurdish intelligence information about the presence of 70 detainees will be carried out the death sentence against 17 ​​of them at dawn on Thursday, and most of them Arab detainees, on charges of cooperation with the government or attempts to split the Daash, and decide to send special forces of the Peshmerga supported by the coalition forces are lowered air and check qualitatively attack, "adding" where led to the freeing 69 hostages all of whom are Arabs being held by the Daash gangs terrorist, and Sieidhm Kurds to the Iraqi government after the investigation of identity.

"He pointed out that" what happened is a qualitative development in the context of action against the forces of terror, and represents an important advance in the right direction deserves our praise and appreciation, which is what we were We call on him since early in the adoption of information intelligence, and the forces of the elite own, and coordination between the international, national and local stakeholders battle.

"He believed that" this process of courage and daring and successful, of the Kurds provides further evidence that they are an integral part of Iraq, "adding" this appropriate, we can only applaud and commend the role of the security valiant forces, and the forces of the crowd folk heroine and the Peshmerga heroine and clans proud.

"He called on all parties to" intensify cooperation and coordination, and the investment of these climates to strengthen the frontline in the war on terror structure and increase involved in the national, regional and international levels, including speeds up of purge our land from the impurity of terrorism and extremism and atonement ", calling for" a real convergence between the international coalition and the new four-party alliance, and to take the Iraqi authorities leading role in shaping and implementation of operations together, and is working to achieve integration and to contribute under the leadership of operations and overseeing the alliances against terrorism and the forces of extremism ".

The first was reported that the operation carried out last Thursday near the town of Hawija freed hostages Kurds, but officials confirmed later that the detainees were Arabs, including about 20 members of the Iraqi security forces.

The official at the Iraqi Ministry of Defense revealed last Friday, said the ministry did not report process US military - Kurdish involved in last Thursday that rescued hostages at Daash gangs terrorist spend the southwest province of Kirkuk,
Hawija., said Brigadier improve Ibrahim Sadiq in a press statement, "They heard about the operation of the media did not have knowledge of it," adding that "those who they have made ​​their Kurdish Peshmerga forces and the Americans did not have the Department of Defense had no idea about.

"said Sadiq" The ministry officials meet with the international coalition representatives in Baghdad on Friday to learn more about the process.
"As announced international coalition led by the United States, on Saturday, he had told the Iraqi government in advance the process of freeing the hostages to the terrorist Daash gangs that carried out in cooperation with the Peshmerga forces last Thursday in Hawija southwest of Kirkuk province.

The spokesman said the name of the common tasks of the process strength determination inherent] Alliance Colonel Steve Warren in an interview on the hostage rescue operation , "The United States-led coalition forces in Iraq at the invitation of the Government of Iraq, and includes support air strikes, and provide advice and assistance, training and equipment."

He added that "another operation carried out in the same night in which were held hostage rescue operation, which targeted this Omar complex process oil fields in Syria, where coalition aircraft carried out the US-led air strike against 26 goals in 26 oil fields age complex, and this is important for several reasons, including the Daash financed its operations through illegal oil revenues ".anthy