Iraq creates a new consulate offices in Iran

Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban, for the establishment of an office of the Iraqi consulate in the Iranian border provinces, including the "Tigers" to facilitate the movement of visitors during the death of Imam Hussein [peace be upon him].

He said Ghabban in a session held crossing Mehran border coordination on the establishment of the mourning ceremony of Imam Hussein [p] "will be issued visas for visitors ranging validity of between one month and two months for the death of Imam Hussein [p]".

He stressed "the need to acquire all the Iranian visitors visa to enter the territory Iraq, "declaring," Iraq's readiness to provide comfort kits for all visitors.
"For his part, called on the governor of Ilam assistant in the political and security affairs, the Iraqi minister to identify the appropriate prices for the visas Ki that everybody can get them to visit Imam Hussein in the forties.

It is said that, crossing Mehran border in Wasit province, just 85 kilogram meters from the South Eelam (LTTE) and is the most important crossings for the movement of visitors to Iraq, where last year's record movement of about one million and 500 thousand Iranian pilgrims to Iraq to participate in the death of Imam Hussein [p].
The Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban, visited last Wednesday Wasit province, and he stressed "the need for constructive cooperation of all segments of society in Wasit to consolidate the work of the police and continued success in stabilizing security in the province," .anthy