The Ministry of Electricity adjustments taking place on the ladder of the new salary and aggregated approval of the competent Committee

Baghdad-Iraq-Presse October -25: The Ministry of Electricity adjustments to the salaries of its members in the hierarchy of the new salary with the consent of the Joint Committee, which includes representatives of the Ministry and the Council of Ministers.
A spokesman for the Electricity Minister Mohammed Fathi office, in a statement, said on Sunday that "the blessings of the new salary unfairness to employees of the Ministry of Electricity, and we have expressed our objection to it, was to respond to us."
He pointed to "assign a committee of the Council of Ministers and the two agents They Agent projects Adil Humaid, and agent production Khaled al-Samarrai, to discuss peace and the development of the new salary of employees of the Ministry of Electricity details."
He explained that "the Commission has reached to make some adjustments but it is also not satisfactory for us compared to our associates effort, and strive continuously to reach an appropriate solution so as not to be exposed Mentebona of unfairness."
It is noteworthy that, handed the new salary provided for the "cut allocations for the ministries of oil and electricity by 30% of the nominal salary to be granted this percentage of workers all except at the headquarters of Ministers and the offices of the Inspector General and the headquarters of companies and directorates of the ministry concerned workers."
The parliamentary Finance Committee, criticized the Cabinet approve the new salary scale, saying he "touches even the salaries of the lowest grades."
The committee said, "The university service allocations, a 100% equivalent to the nominal salary will be deleted in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research as well as the deleted provisions for the Foreign Service Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the percentage of 150%," pointing out that "the ministries of oil and electricity allowances which is for maintenance and the risk will be 30% after It was 200%. "
The Council of Ministers decided on 13 October this, modify the salary scale Annex law salaries of state employees and the public sector No. 22 for the year 2008, and the unification of allocations charged by state officials all and reduce disparities between them and applied in the first of the month of November.
This decision caused the exit of demonstrations of the various segments of the staff to protest what they described as "unfair salary scale."