Advisor Abadi: the new salary scale provided three trillion dinars
2015-10-25 22:22:19 | (Voice of Iraq) Baghdad

Prime Minister's Advisor on Economic Affairs Mohammad Saleh appearance Sunday, that the new salary scale provided three trillion dinars, and detect the presence of eight million poor in Iraq, pointed to reduce the salary of the President from 77 million to eight million.

Saleh said during the program "quarter hour" which broadcasts "Sumerian space", that "the President's salary was reduced from 77 million to eight million dinars, as well as the salaries of the Prime Minister and the rest of the salaries incrementally", noting that "it came after appeals by religious authority and Iraqi Street".

Saleh said that "the new salary scale provided the $ 3 trillion, some went to the budget, others went to other segments of the staff", stressing that "doctors and members of the armed forces are exempt from this".

The detection of invalid, "eight million poor people in Iraq", stressing there "1.5 million beneficiaries of social protection network ranging from paid between 50,000 to 170 thousand dinars".

The religious reference was invited, on Friday (23 October 2015), to study the new salary scale by the expertise and competence to ensure justice for all.

The new salary scale obligatory refusal by many State officials, who came out in large demonstrations in Baghdad and other provinces, to demand its cancellation as "unfair".

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