"New morning" get details on pay scales and sources:

"New morning" get details on pay scales and sources: damage by 50% of the staff of the alarakiofr of the State only $ 1 billion earmarked for welfare of Baghdad – promise shammari: Government source revealed early Sunday, about important facts concerning the new peace, stressing that long-harm nearly 50% of staff in Iraq.
With this system, called to replace the controversial activation include income tax allocations, also predicted that the Ministers Council, the overall profitability of the profits to the State, not to exceed $ 1 billion referred to the Social Welfare Department for coverage of approximately 2.5 million poor benefits.
An informed source said in an interview with the "new morning", "peace new State salaries plunged the Government into an awkward, and not built on sound scientific grounds."
The source said, which has not be named, said "the Government will find itself forced to ultimately work to modify in response to the directives of the religious reference which called for reconsideration in a speech Tuesday.
"It was useful to the Council of Ministers to adopt income tax", pointing out that "the total salaries of State employees is costing about 40 trillion dinar budget".
With the nominal salary of these amounts constitutes about 11 trillion dinars, "said allocations more three times, hitting 29 trillion."
"The current income tax are taken only of nominal salary, calling that" also include allotments ".
He believes that "the adoption of this mechanism we will get rid of the salary crisis and does not need approval because it died more than amounts withheld as a result of the new system.

His "new peace raise grades (8th, 9th and 10th) with 20% of nominal salary", and "not affected by positive or negative holders (sixth and seventh grades 5 and 14) and remained their borders".
He stressed that "these groups constitute about 80% of staff", "either with grades (second and third) and 20% of workers in government departments, the nominal salary decreased by about 4%.
But the source acknowledged that "the problem lies in the provision that lost a lot of staff, estimated that" affected by the salary scale nominal level allocations amounted to about 50%, or more than a little. "
Despite his assertion that "doctors and military allocations untouched any adjustment", referring to the "loss of professors (Associate Professor, Assistant Professor) of approximately 500 thousand dinars from their salaries.
The source continues talking about the Angels by saying "the Education Ministry has about 56 thousand administrative officer has deleted them University Service allocations, as some 40,000 teachers have been affected to varying degrees.
The "delete staff allocations several ministries including the Ministry of education of working non-teaching staff in schools, work and justice is not responsible to visit correction and rehabilitation services.
The source was "generally reached outline providing Government under this peace about $ 3 billion, of which $ 2 billion will be awarded to the beneficiary grades (10th, 9th, 8th) the remainder referred to the Social Welfare Department.
And Voyager "insured salary protection number about 1.5 million people, with a total of Iraq's poor to 8 million people.

The source said that "a billion dollars would increase the proportion of persons covered by social care to four million people, and disentangle them from bottom poverty to a stage of relative poverty; they will receive monthly (75-150) thousand dinars."
"This will not solve the problem by fully half will remain, without rights, you must find other solutions."
In turn, confirms the Member of the Finance Committee in the Chamber of Deputies Haitham al-Jabouri in his comment to the "new morning", to "amend some allocations slides need legislative intervention, as is the case for workers in ministries of higher education, justice, education, and Sunni and Shiite endowments."
He said al-Jabouri "no Council of Ministers abolishing these allocations under the decision, as those granted to other ministries such as oil and electricity."
Al-jubouri warned Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi of bypassing the Constitution and the law on the implementation of the mandate Parliament has on reform. "
On a related level, said the State of law Coalition mp Haider Al-Mawla told the "new morning", that "the House has not yet received the new table of salaries."
He sire "at the next meeting of Parliament that peace will be discussed," but "the dissatisfaction of most political blocs on the current form.
He called for "ensuring social justice among State officials, not to reduce the salaries of important segments in particular educational and academic".
The Cabinet has recently approved a new salary ladder irritated certain circles, especially those working in the Ministry of higher education and scientific research, called on religious reference to be reconsidered to achieve social justice and eliminate injustice on many segments adversely affected by this.