Rafidain Bank: giving citizens loans for job creation and support the economy

25/10/2015 01:14 said the Rafidain, that grant loans for different segments of the citizens, to create business opportunities that contribute to development and the Elimination of unemployment. He said the General Manager of the Bank in the name of Kamal Al-Hassani, said Sunday in a statement that "the Bank in compliance with the package of reforms launched by Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi has lent several slices of unemployed citizens, merchants, and diplomas of doctors and pharmacists for the purpose of finding projects to help labour and help support the national economy
and development".

The "Bank began focusing focus recently on loans for investment projects, and a number of companies lending to support the country's economy".

The House of representatives voted on 11 August, a package of government reforms that included, "activating loans to stimulate the economy in the country, and run the unemployed, both approved by the crisis regarding the planned loans for industrial, agricultural and housing sector of 5 trillion dinars, with regard to SME support loans amounting to trillion dinars, and the Commission to develop mechanisms to make recommendations before the end of this week".

It is noted that, the Central Bank released on 8th of August, loans worth five trillion dinars to banks [industrial, agricultural, real estate], with the Prime Minister's Office said Haider Al-Abadi, on 7 September, the lending industry, agriculture, real estate and housing, which will be awarded in accordance with the instructions issued by the Central Bank and other banks.

He said in a statement received by IGN, such loans are divided into the "SME lending to maximum [500] million dinars, and SME lending to a maximum of three billion dinars, and large industrial and agricultural projects and lend to more than three billion dinars, provided that does not exceed the ceiling of 20 billion dinars"