Legal representative: Replace as Vice deputies [men] impact on women's quota

A member of the parliamentary legal committee smile Hilali, said the replacement as Vice deputies in the House of Representatives of the men after the women's quota.
And it showed Hilali told all of Iraq [where], that "there are several complaints made by the House of Representatives who received the highest number of votes," adding that "winning the highest number of votes be the shopper in the cluster according to the election law, but what happened to Layla al-Khafaji, came less votes and there is another candidate the owner of the highest voices. "
She added that "This procedure also happened with the deputy of the Diyala for national, was nominated as a man instead," asserting that "this will affect the women's quota as the women should be 25% and the measure leads to reduce this ratio."

She pointed to the need "to deal with these things in the coming days, and that there be nominated to replace the women MPs who will go out, as the submission of appeals membership of some MPs is still going on."

She explained, "we follow the quota and the MP Laila al-Khafaji, you complete 25%, and this should take notice of him, the presidency of the Parliament about the representation of women's quota for specific," pointing to his governors "should be in the coming days not to vote on the replacement of woman a man but a woman."

The House of Representatives voted on 13 of October of this, to approve the resignation of an MP for the National Alliance "Layla al-Khafaji," as the voice of the 18 of the same month to approve the remote resignation from the national coalition Huda Mohammed Mahdi, while Valley MPs Abdul-Jabbar Al-Ahmadi sworn in substitute for al-Khafaji, the deputy purity Jarallah substitute for Huda Mahdi.