Iraqi Media Network issued a clarification on the Cancel Center Brief

Twilight News /
An official source at the Iraqi Media Network, said that the decision to cancel the Center Brief in the network has nothing to do with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, while stressing that a routine internal. Ward told the Twilight News, the tail of the signing of the head of the media department in the network, that "the Iraqi Media Network management made a decision to cancel Center Brief in line with the policy of austerity and reduce costs, and the transfer of its personnel to the website of the network who practices a similar him active", pointing out that the network did not end employees Personnel Services, both of whom were on the permanent staffing or on a contract system. "

He revealed earlier yesterday five, director of the Center Brief for the decision to cancel the center after more than three years of its existence. The director of the center Mohammad Jaafar and Nan in a publication on his Facebook site, "the network cancels Center Brief for publishing a story bothered Abadi and his office ... I apologize to everyone for any Badr wrong with me I will keep a brother and a friend to you." However, the source statement stating "does not exist any connection between the cancellation and the reports that it came on the news background was published and led to the intervention of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi subject," stressing that "any government official had nothing to do with the decision of cancellation." Founded Center Brief in 2012, and the number of his staff about 30 people, including 11 employees officially in the Iraqi Media Network.