Atrushi in response to a demonstration house for the staff of the Iraqi Fashion: We discussed their demands according to the laws

US Undersecretary of the Iraqi Ministry of Culture, Fawzi Atrushi, in a statement on Friday, received / Iraq Press / copy of it "in response to what some of the media about what happened from interception and marched on Working hours and the statement of facts met the Board of Directors and the supervisor of the house, Fawzi Alaterci, and directors of departments and reached after extensive discussion participants to the importance of differentiating between some functional demands and that could be reached to resolve the debate and through the meetings of the Council. "
It is said that "a number of Iraqi Fashion House employees demonstrated in front of its building two days ago, demanding the sacking of officials, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture and directed by the Director of Services Section and the achievement of justice," as they called them.

He Atrushi he "discussed their demands and treatment and to the satisfaction of employees and the requirements of work according to the discipline of the applicable state employees laws," pointing out that "the board of directors during a meeting between the invalidity of the provisions of talk about the slogans of the month of Muharram."