Kirkuk refused to announce any decision by the Baghdad without coordination with the province

Kirkuk - Iraq Press - October 23
announced that the local government of Kirkuk, on Friday, rejected the decision of the Ministry of Interior judge to dismiss the provincial police director and his assistant and a group of officers and associates from their posts, saying they would reject any decision by Baghdad against the managers of Kirkuk without coordination with them.
The governor of Kirkuk Necmettin cream during a joint press conference with the head of the provincial council Rebwar Talabani, was held in the office of the governorate building, followed / Iraq Press /, "The management and the Kirkuk Provincial Council rejects any decision to the Interior Ministry on the transfer or change or dismissal of the heads of the leaders of the security services without coordination with the province and the council of the fact that the powers of local governments. "

He added cream "We are surprised by the decision, as it was supposed to valuing and rewarding the provincial police and their leaders because of the large her for the sacrifices that have contributed to the extension of security and stability in the province with the rest of the security services of the brave and the Peshmerga forces as well as the sacrifices they have made since 2003".
Cream and that "the Director-General of Police Maj. Gen. rights activist Jamal Taher Bakr and his deputy, and the rest of associates will continue to carry on their work in the office and not to recognize the decision of the Ministry of Interior," and urged Prime Ministers Republic to "intervene and demand of the House of Representatives to host the Minister of the Interior held accountable for violating the Constitution and the law of the provinces."

He continued cream "We call on all ministries to coordinate with the province and the council in any decision about changing or transfer their directors being one of the constitutional powers granted to the provinces."

For his part, the head of the provincial council Rebwar Talabani, at the conference, said that "Baghdad has not adhered to the issue of the transfer of powers from the federal government to the provinces," pointing out that "any decision by Baghdad against Kirkuk and its directors without coordination will be rejected because the Kirkuk learn people incompetent management Government departments".
Sources have revealed the decision issued by the Ministry of the Interior requires police to change a number of provinces, including the leaders of Kirkuk.