Video .. Al Jazeera: Nuri al-Maliki assassinated Iraqi scientists in favor of Israel and Iran

01:51:08 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Published Al-Jazeera, on Thursday evening, in the black-box program, episode documentary survey entitled źNuri al-Maliki .. the full picture╗, reviews the historical stations Iraqi former Prime Minister, and reveal it for his role in a serious security files, including his relationship teams an Israeli Mossad death and Iran .

The program that is hidden and what is visible in the history of al-Maliki to draw a full picture of him; starting from the first movement and accept it was Nuri alleging Jawad al-Maliki at the time, and he joined the Dawa Party in 1968, passing through the rest of the stations until the arrival to power in Iraq in 2006.

The episode dealt with the history of Maliki took power jihadist Committee of the Dawa party, which was planning to hit the interests of the Iraqi regime at home and abroad. It also reviewed the film several tasks carried out by the party; including the bombing of the Iraqi embassy in Beirut, and other operations from the early eighties.

In one of the secret documents, under the heading "personal", al-Maliki role in guiding Iraq afternoon, attention primarily Shia, then Iraq as a state, then the Arab region.

He noted the film that most of those documents related to the security aspect, as you talk about serious violations of security and abuses occurred on his watch, noting that including secret prisons, torture and murder of identity, and extrajudicial executions, enforced disappearances, which were classified crimes against humanity against the Iraqi people.

She document display program to al-Maliki role in the formation and management of death squads and torture under his direct supervision, as well as create a private detention centers, follow the Prime Minister's Office directly, away from the Ministry of Justice in charge of prison management.

The leaked documents dealt with a clear role in regulating entry to the Islamic State of Iraq, despite warnings preceded by the arrival, confirm the movements come from Syria to Iraq.

The secret document also referred to the issue of the parliamentary commission of inquiry report containing a high recommendation to refer to al-Maliki, the Iraqi judiciary, as the extradition of the accused President Mosul to organize the Islamic State, in June 2014.

Maliki said the black box to his claim that he took advantage of the fight against "terrorism", and fist severe security dominated Iraq, subject to the absolute authority of the individual.

He spoke about the film four hundred thousand documents published by WikiLeaks, it is clear from some of al-Maliki relationship teams an Israeli Mossad assassination of Iran, led to the killing of Iraqi scientists.

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