Iraq authorizes Russia hit all columns Daash coming from Syria
[Baghdad - where]
announced the Security and Defense Committee in Parliament, an Iraqi agreement on the Russian convoys hit all terrorist Daash gangs coming from Syria to Iraq.
The head of the Committee of quitting, in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of "information center quartet of what is still young but he contributed a small part in resolving the battle of Baiji, in a very few hours and with minimal loss of life and equipment," pointing to "get Iraq the also important information from Syria regarding Daash sites.
"He added that" Iraq agreed with Russia, which leads the quartet information center to hit the next columns Daash from Syria to Iraq.
"He stressed that it" contributed to the confusion and weakness Daash to cut off support and supplies for them.
"The Russian General Staff, announced the Russian Aviation success in cutting a new path adopted by Daash gangs recently for the transfer of weapons, ammunition and gear from the territory of Iraq to Syria.
He explained Gen. Andre Kartapolov President of the General Directorate for Operations in the Russian General Staff that detection by the last supply by Russian aircraft drone operating in Syria, "noting that" the key point on this road was to a bridge on the Euphrates River in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor, "noting that" Russian planes and dealt a blow minutes to the site made the bridge is not valid to be used by terrorists ".anthy