Zebari: the salary scale of the new fair and 2016 will be difficult

Counting Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, the salary scale of the controversial new which was approved by the Cabinet last week as "fair," adding that "the next fiscal year 2016 will be difficult."
Zebari said at a press conference held at the Ministry Building today attended by the correspondent of the agency all of Iraq [where], that "the new salary scale, the decision was taken by the prime minister and there is a deliberate distortion of the actions and decisions of the government, including the salary scale," adding that "the decision was made to achieve kind of social justice, by reducing some of the appropriations higher grades and submit them for lower grades. "

He explained, "The salaries untouched in the budget of 2016, but provisions in the higher grades, a high provisions against injustice there are minimum levels," adding that "the blessings of the new salary is to achieve justice and certainly there are those affected by it."

He stressed that "the government wants to secure all staff salaries and allowance of social protection network and the ration card, fuel and this payable them."

The finance minister said "it is difficult to continue monetary policy and past expenditures and we have to happen to change and reform in this direction and can not run the state like what it was previously, and the year ahead will not be easy from a financial point will be a difficult year and this is not only in Iraq but in several countries in the world because of the huge decline oil prices. "
And the Kurdistan region's share in the budget of 2016 Zebari, who belongs to the Kurdish nation, said that "the draft budget for fiscal 2016 Act and the study with the prime minister were to keep the region's share by 17% without reducing according to the oil accord exporting region 550 000 barrels, including the production of Kirkuk and that a delegation from the Kurdistan will visit Baghdad soon to discuss the region's share in the budget of 2016 in accordance with the oil agreement. "

"The delegation, which will visit Baghdad to review the oil agreement or the drafting of a new one," confirming the presence of serious thought between the two parties to reach a result. "
The Minister of Finance, said that "the oil accord almost freeze in the month of June and the reluctance to implement it got there in recent months and the government did not pay the money nor the provincial oil feet."

The Minister of Finance, Hoshyar Zebari, during a press conference, an extensive presentation of the draft of the draft budget for 2016, approved by the Cabinet last Sunday it is hoped to be referred to the Parliament for approval during the coming period, adding projected income and expenses type through 2016, and aspects of exchange in the operational area and investment and the proportion of the budget deficit and the options available to the Iraqi government to reduce the fiscal deficit and bridging the gap.

Zebari said "We have a budget in 2016 ahead of schedule to the Council of Ministers, and the total expenditure which is an estimated rate of 106 trillion dinars and an investment budget 29.7 trillion dinars The total revenue of the state amounts to 83.4 trillion dinars The oil revenues have 69.7 trillion dinars and non-oil 13.6 trillion dinars and a 23.5 deficit trillion dinars. "
He added that "the current state expenditure ratio [salaries] represent 72.2% of the budget and that most of the revenues go salaries," pointing out that "In spite of the pressures and the financial crisis and the difficulties and expenses of the war on Daash our reductions in many of the expenses of the exchange doors to cover the existing deficit."

The Minister of Finance, "we seek to finance the external deficit of the loan and we have negotiations with the Qatar National Bank in this regard."
He Zebari, said that "Foreign bonds were present in the budget law and we as an executive van obtained is hard and painstaking Iraq was cut off from the global capital market and we had a negotiating delegation a high level to put up bonds to six billion dollars, but when we knew that the high interest rates Tratna topic But according to the need and we downwards by almost half a billion dollars to 3.6 because of the high benefits. "

He said that "all the benefits of international oil companies have been paid late during the year 2015," revealing "the completion of the final accounts for 2013, and that the government will provide financial statement for 2014 pledge to the House of Representatives in the coming days."