High production of Dhi Qar oil to 170 thousand b / d and maintain rethink its tours licenses

The Commission on oil and natural resources in the province of Dhi Qar, announced on Thursday, rising for the production of Dhi Qar province, the total of oil to 170 000 barrels per day, an increase the production area Alktaah field.

Committee Chairman Yahya Almusharfawi, in a press statement, that "the Nasiriyah oil field, located in Alktaah northwest of Nasiriyah area, was able to raise its production of three thousand barrels to become a field of 70 thousand barrels per day."

He added that "the production of Dhi Qar province has become a total of 170 thousand barrels per day, after increasing the field of Nasiriyah ability to 70 000 barrels per day," noting that "there will be a formal ceremony to announce this new quantity of oil production in Dhi Qar."

Almusharfawi He added that "the province will rethink its policies after the increase licensing rounds conducted in the past years in coordination with the Ministry of Oil."
The province of Dhi Qar, has oil reserves estimated stressing nearly 20 billion barrels within five untapped oil fields, notably the large field of Nasiriyah area Ktaah [30 km north-west of Nasiriyah] is expected to produce 300 thousand barrels Aumia, with the ability of producing one million barrels after completion Tohelh, and Garraf field [25 km north of Nasiriyah], which is estimated affairs concerned oil production by 130 thousand barrels per day but currently produces 100 000 barrels, as well as the Rafidain field [Abu column], which is estimated in the event of its production run or invested 110 thousand Brmel.