The last days of Ministers headed by Ebadi .. National Alliance is thinking seriously of his dismissal and looking for his replacement (Details)

22-10-2015 07:00 PM

A senior source from within the National Alliance revealed that the components of the coalition seriously considering sacking the prime minister Haider al-Abadi from his post and replaced by the character of the other.

The source said in a press statement I followed the news, he said that "the sacking Abadi are among the proposals handled by the national components of the alliance during the recent meetings and side events between the leaders of the blocks on the back of reforms packages and the policy of the Prime Minister in managing the country's affairs.

"He explained that" some of the components of the coalition find themselves hardest hit by the decisions of the reform packages taken by the Prime Minister what makes it seriously considering sacking Abadi from his post and replaced by the character again for the next stage which " .

The source added that "the components of the coalition believes that the totality of the decisions of the reform packages taken by the Prime Minister that are austerity measures no more, as well as that decisions on exemption and the dismissal of a number of deputy ministers and general managers and advisers ago entirely of officials belonging to the Dawa Party bloc represented by al-Abadi" .

"The former prime minister Nuri al-Maliki team and the mass of the Supreme Council are the two most have adopted the decision of the impeachment while Badr bloc led by Hadi al-Amiri want to specify a time limit to show the effectiveness of the reforms taken by Abadi before proceeding dismissing that."

He said the "blocs of the Reform Movement and the Virtue Party what Tzalan on the fence waiting for the opinion of the majority, while the Liberal bloc tend to agree on the selection of a new alternative to the current prime minister before sacking the identity Abadi Will of the mass of the Dawa party or not. "