Parliament is moving to pull the credentials of Al-Abbadi next week

Baghdad/Iraq News Network
moving house next week, to withdraw the authorization granted to the Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi on the background of popular protests that began last August and parliamentary sources said Thursday the provision Parliament Finance Committee report to Council President Salim al-Jabouri about the ramifications of individual decisions by Abadi on the pretext of its mandate by the street and the House of representatives " stating that" discussions between parliamentary blocs took place this week, and they seem to have gained a high degree of support, under Political differences between blocks.

The source said: "mp Magda Tamimi promised to collect signatures to grill Prime Minister Haider Abadi, his insistence on passing the new salary scale," he said, adding that "the meeting next week of the Parliament would be a storm, particularly as they were allocated to the discussion of the new salary scale," adding that "House speaker faces a lawsuit by Al-Abbadi for non compliance with the decision to reduce staff salaries, which Parliament at y is AllievFaith and without returning to Parliament Speaker ", describing some satellite tv from a rejection of the lawsuit that" reflects the poor performance of the cadre-Abadi, who mostly ignorant of what is decided by the Prime Minister every day. " the lawsuit reached advanced stages, the Council's Legal Department began to examine them." and certifies salary differences between the legislative and executive branches, first see the new salary scale resolution "injustice" against a wide layer of staff, while the other believes that the initial Justice and equality among all staff.