The Sino-British Joint Declaration: support to join the SDR study on Shanghai Renntun (map)

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Publish joint Sino-British Declaration said in British support for the Yuan in the premise of meeting the existing standards in special drawing rights of the International Monetary Fund this round of review in the SDR currency basket.
Following is the full text:
Joint Declaration on building a comprehensive strategic partnership oriented to the 21st century global
, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland the Queen Elizabeth II invited, People's Republic of China President XI on October 19, 2015 to 23rd on the United Kingdom on a State visit. During his visit, XI met with Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal family members, Prime Minister David Cameron in Downing Street, chequers, Prime Minister private residence and access in-depth exchanges as part of Manchester.
The two sides agreed that as the culmination of high-level exchanges this year, XI Jinping, Chairman of a State visit to Britain provided historical opportunity for Sino-British relations.Common is committed to building a 21st century-oriented Sino-British comprehensive strategic partnership in the world. The visit opened a sustained, open and win-win Sino-British relations, "the golden age".
Third, over the past decade, speed up the development of bilateral relations, and more mature, the two sides maintained close high-level exchanges, enhanced political mutual trust, fruitful economic and trade cooperation, and deepening cultural exchanges.
Four, the two sides spoke highly of the further development of bilateral relations to promote world peace, stability and prosperity of global and strategic significance.
Five, the two sides welcomed the United Kingdom and other developed economies's recovery has been enhanced, but the global economic recovery still faces significant risks. China is engaged in massive economic restructuring, both sides firmly believe that China's huge economy and potential for growth will make for a long time China's economy maintained a robust growth.
Six and English, see other great opportunities for bilateral cooperation. The two sides will expand bilateral trade and investment, support economic competitiveness and innovation, to benefit the two peoples in the next decade.
Seven parties under equal treatment principle to further enhance political mutual trust, mutual respect, based on this spirit that agree with each other about their political system and development road, core interests and major concerns seriously.
Eight, the two sides will further strengthen high-level exchanges, leading the development of bilateral relations, and tap the potential of bilateral relations, maintaining and strengthening the annual meeting between the Prime Ministers, economic and financial dialogue, high-level communication mechanism and strategic dialogue mechanism. Both sides will continue to promote exchanges between legislative bodies and political parties, expanding bilateral cooperation.
And English, are faced with the tasks of reform, development, and innovation, has a unique meeting point for bilateral economic development cooperation. Both sides are willing to learn from each other's successful experience, explore new cooperation models, through high level scientific and technological innovation in support of sustainable economic growth. The two sides agreed to enhance the level of bilateral cooperation in innovation, establish a joint innovation partnership.
Ten, both sides stressed that mutual investment to promote economic growth and employment and the importance will remain committed to expanding bilateral trade in goods and trade in services. Both two-way investment will create fair and transparent, positive and friendly policy environment to address the business community on market access and regulatory concerns. Both sides will work together to protect British and Chinese companies and China United Kingdom corporate intellectual property.
Plenary, and both on around each other major initiative, that China "area way" initiative and British party based facilities upgrade investment plans and the "England North economic center" carried out cooperation have strong interest, will in existing mechanism Xia on in the British based facilities Union for further discussion, may combined central common investment fund and interconnected Exchange platform discussion mutual docking way, including support China and European investment banking carried out cooperation.
12, the two sides are willing to further strengthen international cooperation capacity, tripartite cooperation and openness. Both sides support between Chinese production capacity and equipment manufacturing expertise combined with the British side, to work together.
13, the two sides attach importance to each other's countries in the field of energy and transport cooperation. The British side welcomed Chinese enterprises to participate in joint civilian nuclear energy program. Welcome to Hinkley point c nuclear power station project to reach a commercial agreement between the parties. Both sides encouraged enterprises of the two countries deeply involved in the high-speed rail project.
14, the two sides agreed that the financial cooperation between the two countries on the basis of mutual benefit and win-win important results have been achieved, both sides are willing to deepen in the unique long-term partnership in the financial sector to make it play an exemplary role in the cooperation between the two sides. Both sides welcomed London's active participation in the internationalisation process, will continue to promote the construction of London's RMB offshore market. Britain welcomes China's sovereign bond issues first renminbi outside China in London. Both sides support the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange interconnection feasibility studies.
XV, the two sides agreed that cultural exchange is very active, with great potential in bilateral cooperation in areas of strengthening each other innovative ideas to promote the stable and healthy development of bilateral relations. The two sides pledged to promote cultural and educational ties, sports and media exchanges.
16, Britain and China will work together, learn from each other's experiences in health, urbanization, technology, promote people's welfare. Both sides are willing to strengthen bilateral exchanges in the field of medical and health policy, explore joint research and cooperation to respond to global health challenges, including antibiotic resistance.
17, the two sides support personnel of the two countries, especially youth exchanges, personnel exchanges would further facilitate the study and tourism. Both sides agreed, at competitive prices to provide visitor visa many times over many years.
18, Britain and China agreed to set up a high-level security dialogue mechanism on nonproliferation, the fight against organized crime, combating cyber crime and illegal immigration and other security issues to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, does not engage in or support network to steal intellectual property, trade secrets or business secrets to gain competitive advantage. Both sides are willing to strengthen mutual respect and understanding, exchange of commitment to human rights and the rule of law.
19, Britain fully supported the Chinese side in accordance with the EU 2020 strategic plan of cooperation and deepen China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership. They supported the early completion of an ambitious and comprehensive EU-China agreement on investment.Both sides called for Sino-EU FTA joint feasibility study early in order to achieve the 17th China-EU leaders ' meeting the long-term objectives set out in the Joint Declaration, that is deep and comprehensive free trade agreement when conditions are ripe.
20, the joint is the global centers of influence and permanent members of the UN Security Council, has an important responsibility of the international system and global affairs, will work with other members of the United Nations, support to regional and global stability. Both sides agreed to strengthen cooperation under the United Nations Charter and international law, the peaceful settlement of international and regional disputes.
21, the joint will to strengthen multilateral cooperation to resolve the conflict through diplomatic and political means, to achieve stability and eliminate the breeding ground for terrorism and extremism.
22, the two sides supported the Group of 20 (G20) play an important role as the main forum for international economic cooperation, will jointly promote the G20 to contribute to global economic growth, building a fair, just, inclusive and orderly international financial system.Britain actively supported China's hosting the 2016 G20 Summit. The two sides will strengthen in fiscal, tax, financial, trade, cooperation in the field of investment, development, the fight against corruption, including as Chairman of the G20 working group against corruption common cooperation.
23, British support in the premise of meeting the existing standards in special drawing rights of the International Monetary Fund this round of review in the SDR basket. Both sides urged all those 2010 share and members of the governance reform programme without delay, immediately approved the programme, so as to further increase the voice of emerging market and developing countries.
24, the Chinese side appreciated the United Kingdom first to become Asia's infrastructure investment intention founding members of major Western countries. Both sides look forward to Asian Investment Bank put into operation as soon as possible, into the international financial system, and become a "streamlined, formal, green" institution, helped the Asian region faces gaps in the field of infrastructure construction.
25, the two sides reiterated his commitment to implementing the development agenda for after 2015, including through a new Sino-British partnership for development will continue to cooperate in support of poverty reduction and other sustainable development goals of the United Nations.
26, Britain and China recognizes that under the framework of sustainable development through international cooperation to solve one of the greatest threats facing humanity--climate change. Both sides agreed that the forthcoming Paris Conference is a key moment in the global response to the challenge of climate change.
27, the British recognized the importance and urgency of combating illegal trade in wildlife, and promised to take positive measures to address this global challenge.
28, the two sides agreed to mutually support their improvement and upgrading diplomatic premises in the other country.
29, the two sides reiterated their support for each other's prosperity and development, and work together to promote world peace, security and development.