Asadi of the "public opinion" demands Abadi make adjustments to the budget in respect of the crowd
11:25 GMT
Baghdad and babysit - student spokesman for the popular crowd forces of Ahmed al-Asadi, Prime Minister al-Abadi by amendments to the budget with respect to the popular crowd, alluding to send a copy of this request to the President of the House of Representatives and Chairman of the Finance Committee to change the budget in the absence of change of the Council of Ministers.
And between al-Asadi in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit), on Thursday, that "the budget in 2016, which passed the Council of Ministers to the popular crowd is very meager and less than the current budget," pointing out that "this budget is not enough to meet the crowd requirements and salaries", explaining that "there are some political parties are working to reduce the budget of the popular crowd."

He said al-Asadi that "the amounts approved is not enough for the salaries of the popular crowd, how they would fill their need of weapons and munitions to sustain the battle against Daash" g / h