Economist: Central development banks will lend 6.5 trillion dinars to stimulate the private sector

Determination of the Iraqi Central Bank lending to the Iraqi development banks $ 6.5 trillion dinars can be increased for the purpose of stimulating economic sector in the next year. He told Anton / information /, "The 2016 budget has given the area of ​​the private sector with the participation of the state in development projects in order to create jobs, while the private sector will get loans from local development banks that Sakarzha Central Bank of Iraq." He added that "the central bank law does not allow for direct bank lending to the private sector, but laws allow development banks to lend, so the central bank will lend to these banks with 6.5 trillion can be increased, which in turn will grant loans to private sector development." Anton said that "the granting of this loan will be distributed to five trillion industry, agriculture and housing sectors will be fifty-fifty, with a trillion and a half will be distributed to medium-sized projects and simple"