Parliamentary Finance: new salary scale provides a billion dollars to the state budget

The parliamentary finance committee, confirmed Thursday that the new salary scale, which seeks to implement the federal government provides to the state budget billion dollars only.
Said committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed told / information /, "The Council of Ministers' decision on the amendment of the salary scale triggering a new crisis between the citizen and the government of the country in the indispensable", noting that "the new salary scale attempt to address the injustice with injustice." He added that "the new peace to the state budget will provide one billion dollars only," stressing that "this amount would not address the financial crisis that has plagued Iraq." And left many government demonstrations in front of the staff of institutions and ministries in protest against the new salary scale, which they saw as unfair against them, especially from medical groups and the staff of the Ministry of Higher Education staff after the cancellation of their allowances, including the service Gamaah.anthy