The formation of a higher economic council is necessary for development 10/22
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Thread: The formation of a higher economic council is necessary for development 10/22

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    The formation of a higher economic council is necessary for development 10/22

    The formation of a higher economic council is necessary for development

    10/22/2015 0:00

    BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
    focus on the economic side must result from the security, stability and economic development, thus contributing to the well-being of society and to be effective and enforceable in the current circumstances experienced by Iraq (according to an expert in economic affairs) economic Member Baghdad forum Samir Alnasiri noted necessity of activating the themes contained in the government program through the development of policies and mechanisms for implementation and applied to the development of economic sectors trends that achieve what is stated in these themes in the detailed aspects and determine the timeframe for their implementation.

    He noted in an interview for »Sabah« to the importance of the government to the formation of the Supreme Council for Economic Affairs and which consists of experts from government and the private sector, in order to carry out economic reform, and the first step from the banking reform, pointing to the importance strengthen the role of the Iraqi Central Bank and the ministries concerned with economic affairs (financial, agriculture, industry and planning, oil, electricity), so as to promote the effective coordination and harmonious between fiscal policy and monetary and achieve the goal of diversification of resources and lack of dependence on oil in the public budgets of the state as a key resource.

    Alnasiri between the importance of taking quick action to tackle the financial liquidity experienced by Iraq because of falling oil prices and the war on terrorism and economic problems and self-poor economic planning and lack of benefit from the economic, financial and technical expertise in crisis Action fundamental economic links in the state administration, stressing the importance of relying on figures partisan incompetent professionally and serve their party and the masses only and adopt the experiences of countries in the world and Iraq the previous at face economic sanctions »siege» as payment on credit and borrowing and internal austerity and prepare a war budget.

    He emphasized the activation and development of operational mechanisms of action economic reform and private sector development prepared by the committees competent experts in the Council of Ministers with a focus on what I've ever had in Mahoralzerai, industrial and finance, insurance, tourism and services and actually begin to implement and define the time ceilings to put it into practice and identify implementation elements, taking into account the circumstances through which Iraq currently.

    Alnasiri urged to apply and identify and instructions implementation mechanisms of the amounts allocated by the Central Bank of Iraq, amounting trillion dinars to finance small and medium enterprises and five trillion dinars to finance specialized banks (agricultural, industrial and real estate housing fund), indicating the importance of establishing the foundations of a clear guarantee the transparency of the data and those that have been lending by government banks and civil.

    He went on to the need to develop a proactive supervision during the implementation and post-implementation on the beneficiaries of these loans in order to serve the central objective of the allocation to accelerate the economic cycle and the reduction of unemployment and the development of small and medium enterprises and contribute to the economic development with the development department at the Central Bank of Iraq for follow-up and evaluation and review of the development initiative trends higher than what is currently allocated.

    He stressed the importance of developing the operational procedures for the activation and implementation of strategies developed and approved and declared and for the development of agricultural, industrial and banking private sector, according to the priorities adopted this strategy that the bases and not on the shelves without implementation.
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