Parliamentary Integrity: Announcement arrest warrants against the corrupt in the media not to escape!

10.22.2015 at 09:33 (GMT Baghdad)

Special - scales News
He stressed the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary member Ribawar Taha, Wednesday, that the declaration of arrest against corrupt officials in the media diary is not to give them a chance to escape, noting that the security authorities will be their duty to carry out orders.

Taha said L / scales News / "Some think that the Declaration of arrest against corrupt officials in the ministries and government departments diary, in the media, prior to their implementation, is to give them the opportunity to escape from justice, or to travel outside Iraq," pointing out that "the declaration of this memos in the media to inform them of the Iraqi people and not to give them a chance to escape. "

He said a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee that "there are security institutions in Iraq and there are executive agencies are doing their job, airports and border crossings have learned the names of the defendants and the names of wanted men to justice, according to memos arrest warrants that link to them from the security authorities to prevent them from traveling and detention", adding that " Security forces certainly will lay down their arrest. "

The "court of inquiry integrity in Rusafa issued, yesterday Tuesday, recruitment and travel ban against a number of senior officials in the Ministry of Trade orders in the forefront of the current minister."

As "the presidency announced the resumption of the Federal Court of Muthanna, the first on Tuesday, for the release of two judgments of imprisonment on imports department director at the University of Muthanna and responsible farm associations to maintain."

He denied, "a source close to Commerce Minister Abdul Karim Mlas Alexanzan, L / scales News / Earlier, news peddled by some media about the arrest of the minister at Baghdad International Airport when he tried to travel to Sulaymaniyah" .anthy 29 n / 10