Alusi's / scales News / "top of the pyramid" fear of fear of the big evils reform campaigns

10.22.2015 at 11:56 (GMT Baghdad)

Special - scales News
President of the Civic Democratic Alliance bloc Mithal al-Alusi, Thursday, and there are fears of political blocs and the application of the reform of the judiciary and law campaigns revealed for fear of exposing corruption of the large size of the top of the pyramid to the youngest deputy.

He said al-Alusi's / scales News / there was "no political bloc is now defending a corrupt specific particularly after what has become Iraqi citizens as well as the media and religious reference concentrate fully focused on the corrupt," stressing that "there is a political blocks are afraid of reform and campaigns applied to the judiciary and the law because In some of these large blocks corruption from the top of the pyramid to the youngest deputy in it. "

He said the President of the Civic Democratic Alliance bloc that "the House of Representatives is the most reform being does not deal with material things, but rather deals with the political and sovereign, legal and legislative matters", calling for the need that "the parliament be more and less effective attributing the cause to the political system as it stands does not allow the House of Representatives to be effective, and more specifically with a consensus government policy. "

Alusi and pointed out that "Parliament can not cover any corrupt," and urged that "Parliament will be more effective in the regulatory role and this will only happen if it is exceeded the consensus system of government."

The "MP for the coalition of state law Kazem Sayadi said, earlier, that public pressure was the driving force behind the Iraqi judiciary issued arrest warrants against the corrupt and recruitment, noting that the Iraqi people realize that political blocs are stolen Iraq."

It is worth mentioning that "specialized claims integrity in Baghdad Investigating Court issued memorandums catch the two general managers in the Ministry of Commerce, as well as a number of employees and the contractor who deals with them on charges of financial corruption," as "and issued the Iraqi judiciary arrest warrant against the current Minister of Trade and his brother on charges of financial corruption files. "

This confirmed the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary member Ribawar Taha's / scales News /, that "there are security institutions in Iraq and there are executive agencies are doing their job, airports and border crossings have learned the names of the defendants and the names of wanted men to justice, according to memos arrest warrants that link to them from the security authorities to prevent them from travel and arrested, "adding that" the security forces certainly will arrest them, ".anthy 29/4 e