Parliamentary Integrity recognizes the progress of the investigation into the files of corruption away from the "personalization" and exceptions

10/22/2015 15:04 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - scales News
He stressed the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary member Ribawar Taha, Thursday, in the course of the investigation files of corruption away from the "personification" of issues and exceptions, pointing out that the investigation will not target certain individuals at the expense of political conflicts.

Taha said L / scales News /, "The Integrity Commission, the parliamentary work is generally not diagnosed any particular ministry When you come to us information by a citizen or a certain point we will our work and take the necessary right procedures," pointing out that "the Commission does not target specific figures do not work on the political conflict. "

He added that "any information we get back concerning suspicions of corruption in any government institution Committee has will be their duty without any exceptions or personalization of the subject," adding that "the Parliamentary Integrity Committee was not exposed to any outside pressure because of the detection of the files of corruption against influential state officials, and we are now in the process of implementation These orders were issued for their arrest. "

The "court of inquiry Integrity issued in Rusafa, recruitment and travel ban against a number of senior officials in the Ministry of Trade orders in the forefront of the current minister."

And he announced the "resumption of the presidency of the Federal Court of Muthanna, for the release of two judgments of imprisonment on imports department director at the University of Muthanna and responsible farm associations to maintain."

The "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi face, the Integrity Commission to lift the names of the accused of stealing public money to prevent them from traveling and bring them to justice," .anthy 29 n / 10