Deputy for the National: Law Alasttosmar depends on differences and amendments will be voted on after resolved
Date: 10/22/2015 15:51

MP for the National Alliance, Abdul-Jabbar al-Abadi, on Thursday, said a vote on the investment law will be after resolving differences raised on it, indicating that the Economic Commission works to overcome the obstacles and the settlement of the points of contention.

Ebadi said in a statement to Agence / information /, "The investment law is very important and encouraging investment and revive investment movement in Iraq and addresses what it failed the previous law," noting that "points of contention raised around him and made him Rhinha and prevented the completion of voting on it in the previous session after reading read the first and second. "

"It has to refer the bill to the Committee on Economy and Investment to consider parliamentary terms and the completion of appropriate adjustments and the settlement of disputes raised about it to be then submitted to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and a motorcycle on the agenda of future meetings the agenda for a vote."

And for the House of Representatives vote on the amendment to the investment law next week.

He was vice chairman of the economic and investment commission parliamentary Harith al-Harthy, it had confirmed that one of the paragraphs of the amendment of the Investment Law include Iraqi ownership of the land to the foreign investor and not leased, which means that Iraq will sell his land grounds that bring investors, calling for the amendment of this

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rcookie: reaffirmation of the Investment Law status…and points of contention…resolve to vote next week….