Parliament next week pulls mandate given to Ebadi
10/22/2015 14:11

House of Representatives is heading next week to pull the mandate given to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on the back of popular protests that started in August.

He revealed a parliamentary source, on Thursday, for the "provision of Deputies Finance Committee report to the President of the Council, Salim al about the implications of individual decisions taken by Abadi, under the pretext of the mandate given to him by the street and the House of Representatives," noting that "talks between the parliamentary blocs took place this week in this regard, It seems to have gained a high degree of support, under the existing political differences between the blocks. "

The source said: "The MP Majda al-Tamimi vowed to collect signatures to question the prime minister Haider al-Abadi, on the back of his insistence on passing the new salary scale," stressing that "the next week's session of the parliament will be a storm, especially as it has allocated to discuss the new salary scale."

He added that "the President of the House of Representatives is facing a lawsuit by Abadi for not complying with the decision of the parliament staff, which was taken illegally and without returning to the Speaker of Parliament to reduce the salaries," describing what is stated in some satellite channels from denial to the lawsuit as "reflects the poor performance of staff Abadi, who are mostly ignorant of what is decided by the Prime Minister every day. "
"The case is at an advanced stage, and began the legal department at the Council examined".

The salary scale is witnessing significant differences between the legislative and executive branches, see The former decision handed new salary "injustice" against a wide layer of staff, while the other sees as a starter justice and equality among all state employees