Urgent. Urgent. Abadi in Russia on Saturday!
Date: Thursday, 22-10-15 10:46 am

Facilities information source confirmed to the Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, the latter will visit Moscow next Saturday, at the head of a high-level military delegation.
The source said in a statement Thursday, the Al-Abbadi will visit Moscow on Saturday from a request by it personally to Russian President Vladimir Putin, to discuss the latest developments in military confrontations and equip the Iraqi army with the latest tools and equipment for the war.
He added: that would accompany him several Abadi of military advisers, including some leaders of the popular crowd.

And the Russian presidency emphasized the "Kremlin" that President Vladimir Putin would discuss with the Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi during his visit to Moscow, "situation in the Middle East region" including anti-terrorism, bilateral cooperation between the two countries in various fields.
The Russian presidential press office "Kremlin" meeting, the two leaders will focus on enhancing bilateral cooperation in all fields, including in the energy sector and investment, in addition to exchanging views on major issues of international agenda and on top of the situation in the Middle East and North Africa ".

Likely Presidential Palace spokesman in Russia, Dmitry peskov, said Putin meeting addresses and Abadi subject military-technical cooperation between the two countries, "adding that the" specific contracts will be discussed publicly, "adding that" this issue is very sensitive and discreet ".
It is worth noting that the former Iraqi Government had several deals with Moscow to provide weapons and military equipment, including one valued at 4.2 billion dollars to import 40-helicopter Mi-28 and Mi-35 known as "night Hunter" and Iraq received several batches of them.