Parliament rapporteur confirms that the new salary scale is against the law and unfair to many employees
12:53 GMT

Follow-up - and babysit - confirmed the decision of the parliament Niazi architecture Davutoglu that "the new salary scale violation of the law, and unjust for a lot of employees, and can not be applied without the acquisition of the legal form through legislation by the House of Representatives.
Ihsanoglu said in a press release on Wednesday, that "the reduction and this very large figure in salaries for hundreds of thousands of employees in the three presidencies, foreign ministries, oil, and electricity, and higher education, and civilians in the Defense and Interior, and the rest of the bodies will create big problems for those employees who arranged their standard of living within a particular style, nor can they change this pattern suddenly and fast, which will create havoc for them and their families, and this is what we consider a red line. "

He stressed that "the religious authority and through her engagement made it clear that the recent salary scale will pass through the House of Representatives, but we see that the government is proceeding without applying it send to the people's representatives."

He appealed to the architecture Ihsanoglu Prime Minister to wait and urgent implementation of this peace clemency staff, and because the reforms can not be a violation of the law, as confirmed by good reference earlier, especially since this will generate frustration and discontent and instability among the staff who work centers sensitive in the state, especially as we call upon to stop the migration of youth energies of the country, and by reducing salaries will contribute to the brain drain abroad.