Minister of Planning and discuss with the launch of the implementation of investment projects program through a sophisticated electronic system

(Independent) .. Planning Minister Salman Jumaili said that the ministry is working escalating pace to complete the project follow up the implementation of investment projects in all parts of Iraq through a very sophisticated electronic program in cooperation with the Project of the US Agency for Development thread
Jumaili said at a meeting with the President of the project stationed in Iraq Nael Shabaro and his accompanying delegation in the presence of the US ambassador in Baghdad Stephen Jones said the project represents an important and essential core of e-government in Iraq because he can ministries and provinces of follow-up projects on site and see accomplished and changes therein through the electronic system rates which is available via the Internet and access it using a secret code and the program will be managed by the Ministry of Planning.
He said the Iraqi government is dealing with great interest with this program because it helps in achieving high transparency and thus fight corruption and reduce it.
For his part, legislator Director Nael Shabaro that thread follow-up investment projects system through advanced electronic system called (IDMS) is the first of its kind in Iraq was working on prepared and done in close cooperation with the Ministry of Planning, which cooperated significant support for this project, which will help the Iraqi state with all its institutions to pursue their investment projects through mechanisms and means to be adopted, including geographical information system ..
He said that the advantages of this program is that it can be the party concerned and through electronic coordination with the Ministry of Planning and Follow-up of the project is estimated accurately and regularly and thus be possible to edit the project, canceled or added materials through this program
For his part, US Ambassador to Iraq Stephen Jones stressed that the follow-up project investment projects through electronic systems represents a new addition to the cooperation between Iraq and the United States and reflects the positive performance of the Ministry of Planning, which recently achieved a lot of important steps, including the opening of your help desk implementation of government contracting impression.
Jones said he hoped to see development in Iraq further development in all fields. (End)