A member of the legal: the House of Representatives has objections about the blessings of the new salary law
11:27 10/21/2015

Baghdad and babysit - said the legal committee member of the parliamentary smile Hashim, said the reforms Abadi was financial in the first place.
Hashim in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit), today Wednesday, showed that the "the Council of of Representatives to has a the objections of about ladder salaries the law of being a longer unfair the right of center-slice from those with limited income".

She drew Hashim out that "the reforms al-Abadi were not and realistic did not include liabilities the basic for the Iraqi people such as services and electricity and ill-social conditions, but rather was the political reforms as a reduction salaries and the sacking of a lot Minister and the Vice-Presidents of the Republic and the as well as the general managers".

And reported Hashim that "the the Iraqi street need to actual reforms to improve the and put it". ", Claim Prime Minister al-Abadi" with beatings with an iron fist on the spoilers from politicians, on the the grounds that he enjoys a the support of from the reference the Iraqi and the street to hold them accountable "g. / H http://alrayy.com/156371.htm