Deputy calls for the support of the national product for economic incomes serve the country
10:51 GMT
Follow-up - and babysit -
MP on the mass of the citizen, Hassan Khalati, to the national product support for economic incomes serve the country.

He said in a statement received Khalati news agency public opinion (and babysit) a copy of "national product support would get a significant economic incomes serve the country significantly."

He added that "the promotion of the national product has a significant role in the creation of new economic revenues this on the part of either of the other side Vchristl unemployment in the country's problem," adding that "the government's thinking emerging projects of this kind, especially the upper reference called for the promotion of the national product." .

He said the "Maidkhal to Iraq of thousands of tonnes of goods are estimated as possible to believe these goods from the local product."

Said Khalati that "our industrial facilities and large if we investing as the best possible we get the goods and occupy thousands of working hands that are in dire need to get a job."

It is said that the Committee on the economy parliamentary stressed the need to prevent the import and encourage national product to maintain hard currency and re-promote the economy again.