Reuters analysis of 80 percent of Russia raids in Syria not aimed at Daash
- OCTOBER 21, 2015

Reuters analysis of 80 percent of Russia raids in Syria not aimed at Daash
Moscow showed Reuters analysis by Reuters on the data provided by the Russian Defense Ministry that about 80 percent of Russian air strikes in Syria carried out in areas not controlled by the organization of the Islamic state in contrast to Moscow's assurances that its goal defeat this organization.
According to the analysis, the majority of strikes hit areas controlled by other factions of opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the victory, including front arm of al Qaeda fighters and backed by Washington and its allies.

Russian Defense Ministry data for targets hit by the Russian Air Force archives and on the Internet showed Russian military maps that Russia hit 64 specific locations since President Vladimir Putin is to launch the first wave of raids in Syria three weeks ago.
Among those goals are not more 15 located in areas controlled by the Islamic state, according to a survey of sites competing forces in Syria prepared by the Institute for the Study of War.

Said Alexander Joltz a resident columnist Moscow and works as deputy editor of the Journal Eugdniffena electronic If you look at the map it will be you could easily understand that you do not fight the Islamic state, but other opposition factions. Supports data source and assurances that Washington and its allies in NATO that the Russian intervention in Syria, the largest military deployment to the Russians abroad since the collapse of the Soviet Union, its purpose the promotion Assad, who visited Moscow on Tuesday to thank Putin for his support mode. It may be between Moscow and other motivations to keep a strategic foothold foot in the Middle East and the review of its capabilities as a global military at a time of deterioration in its relations with the West because of the crisis in Ukraine. Russian officials reject the accusations and always stress that they are targeting the Islamic state along with other factions that are included under the classification of Islamic terrorism. They say that Moscow and the West are fighting a common enemy but the pattern of raids in Syria paints a different picture is likely.

The Russian air force carried out more than 780 sorties against 800 target in Syria since Sept. 30. Analysis conducted by Reuters showed that even on Monday, Russian aircraft struck six specific sites by name none of which are located within the area controlled by the Islamic state.
He said Joltz primary objective of the air strikes is to support ground attacks of the Syrian army.

It was not possible to immediately contact the Russian Defense Ministry for comment. Data from the US Central Command shows that 84 percent of the air raids carried out by the coalition led by Washington against the Islamic state may hit 13 locations in Syria between Sept. 30 and 19 of October.
In contrast to the Russian campaign, the coalition raids focused on the areas of northern Syria and east, where the Islamic state controlled large areas of the territory of the country.

A senior Western diplomat in New York, said 85 percent of the Russian raids carried out against groups not related to the Islamic state.
Reuters and included only sites identified by the analysis of the Russian Defense Ministry said it targets for the air force in Syria.
And it could not be found in four locations including military maps and documents belonging to the Russian army. But three of the four sites identified by the Russian Defense Ministry are located in the provinces of Latakia and Idlib in western Syria, which they were not in the control of the Islamic state.
The fourth of these sites small hamlet is located in the northern Aleppo disputed control of fighters from the Islamic state and the opposition factions and the army Syrian province.

Russia also hit strongholds of the Islamic State in Raqqa and Deir al-Zour, where it says the Russian Defense Ministry it had destroyed the command centers, training camps and ammunition factories.
With the support of the Russian Air Force Syrian government forces launched attacks on the opposition factions in the provinces of Homs, Hama, Latakia and Idlib and Aleppo.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the Russian raids killed 370 people in the past three weeks, a third of them civilians.