Arrest and prevent travel orders to officials in the "trade", including the minister Abadi appoint a candidate to succeed him as Secretary-General of the Government Dr. Osama Mehdi

Announced in Baghdad today announced the appointment of a personal occupied important responsibilities after the fall of the former regime and recently nominated reports to succeed Prime Minister Haider Abadi, secretary-general of the government .. The arrest warrants were issued and travel ban against a number of senior officials in the Ministry of Commerce in the forefront of the current minister, Mohammed Abdel-Karim Mlas of Allawi's coalition, which called for a political cause is not diverted to target.
London: source in the presidency of the Iraqi Council of Ministers said Tuesday that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi issued an order appointing Imad Khersan in the post of Secretary General of the Council of Ministers. He pointed out that al-Abadi decided to dump the Mahdi Keywords current Secretary General of the Council and the Agency for the management of his office as the agency "Alsumaria News" Iraqi said, adding that relationships had served as Secretary General of the Council of Ministers acting about two months ago after the exemption former Secretary Hamid behind General.
And personal Khersan Iraqi source said to know him in an interview with "Culture" today that he was an officer engineer Mnspa to the Directorate of Military Works in the mid-Sbaanat..oho currently holds US citizenship where he left Iraq to the United States in 1982 .. and at the age of 61 -year-old and was a resident of Michigan in the US .. and form after the fall of Saddam Iraqi Democracy Forum, which did not last long activity.
The Khersan has returned to Iraq after the fall of the former regime in 2003, which was commissioned to take over the reconstruction of Iraq and the body was associated with the American civil governor of Iraq, Paul Bremer. And the reconstruction of Iraq was scheduled to take over management of the work to rebuild the country's infrastructure by qualified Iraqi and minds, but the occupation neglected and did not take Ba behind its members from Iraqi experts and ended up to end its business where preferred some of its members to stay in Iraq after it secured government positions while others decided the other to return to the second of their countries they came from.
Khersan and was one of the channels adopted by Bremer to communicate with Shiite cleric al-Sistani in Najaf that .. and says Bremarvi book (in Iraq) that the exchange during his time in Iraq, more than thirty message with al-Sistani, where he was Imad Khersan travels by private jet to Najaf to meet al-Sistani and handed over a message of Bremer before returning to Baghdad with a reference to the Answer Bremer.
The Gulf sources have recently revealed that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) at the forefront of Saudi Arabia plans to join Iraq to membership of the Cooperation Council in order to remove him from Iranian influences and predicted a change in the equation in Iraq through support of Washington and the Gulf states of a new government in Baghdad away from Iran in return for annexation Iraq to the GCC.
And quoted by the newspaper "public opinion" of Kuwait that Americans cut down a long way in the talks with al-Sistani and offered through the nomination of a new prime minister backed authority in Najaf to be within the government formation process make significant changes to Iraqi politics include a move away from the Iranian axis in exchange for supporting Gulf critical to restore the unity and sovereignty of Iraq and the elimination of al Daash and the establishment of a national reconciliation on a sound footing ends with sectarian sorting and the current division in the Iraqi society and the new prime minister proposed by Washington named Imad Khersan. orders to arrest and prevent the travel of senior staff in the "trade", including the minister

Furthermore, in Baghdad on Tuesday it issued arrest warrants and travel ban against a number of senior officials in the Ministry of Commerce in the forefront of the current minister Mlas Mohammed Abdul Karim.
The federal judiciary that the Court of achieving fairness in the Rusafa of Baghdad issued a recruitment orders issued against senior Ministry of Commerce officials in accordance with Article 318 of the Penal Code, including the current minister Mlas Abdul Karim addition to observer status in the Office of the Inspector General and adviser to the minister, who serves as the Director General of the Department financial, legal, too.
Said Judge Mohammed Salman said recruiters also long-general managers of the institutions and departments of the grain trade, planning and follow-up and the central markets and food trade and financial control in addition to the Director of Public Contracts Section.
He explained that these officials were part of a committee to negotiate about the receipt of the "Uruguayan rice," and then it turned out that he is not fit for human consumption, prompting to booking this rice and the issuance of a travel ban on those orders recruiters surveyed.
For its part, it announced the resumption of the presidency of the southern province of Muthanna Court for the release of prison sentences on two of the officials in the province of financial corruption issues ranged between one and three years.
The head of the appellate judge demanded the wars in a statement that "a misdemeanor court sentenced to imprisonment for three years against the Director of the Department of imports in Muthanna University on charges of financial corruption issues." "The same court ruled last year in prison and one official peasant associations in the province of corruption Mali also in accordance with articles 319 and 315 of the Penal Code.
The specialized claims integrity in Baghdad investigating court yesterday issued arrest warrants for two years, managers at the Ministry of Commerce as well as a number of employees and contractor deal with them on charges of financial corruption .., after one day of Sdormzkrh arrest warrant and current Minister of Trade Mlas Mohammed Abdul Karim Mlas and his brother on charges of financial corruption files.
Today, the Iraqi cabinet decided during its weekly meeting decided to stop the salaries of employees and officials retarded for financial disclosure until revealed detect disclosure form, as authorized the Minister of Finance to negotiate to borrow from the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation.
Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in a statement that the Council decided to suspend the employee's salary and administrator backward and abstaining from financial disclosure and allocations and entitlements other while introducing financial disclosure form after 3 months of being informed and be providing detection disclosure once a year.
Allawi's coalition calls for the non-diversion issue to target political Mlas
And at the same level, said the National Coalition, led by Iyad Allawi, who belongs to the Minister of Commerce there stood since the first day of the political process and a clear stance against financial and administrative corruption and waste of public money and demanded constantly hold accountable corrupt and spoilers through a criminal investigation for all the money that entered Iraq since 2003 process and to this day and disbursed and how to open an investigation into all contracts, whether or not phantom phantom.
The spokesman for the coalition, Maysoon al in a press statement sent the text to "Elaf" It is in this sense hails national coalition of all the efforts to achieve integrity, including the arrest of the Right and its minister Mlas Mohammed Abdul Karim, who will be in court to defend his administration of the Ministry of Trade since ordered Carry almost a year ago. And it stressed the need for the non-diversion of integrity into a political target, but affect all corrupt and all political blocs regardless of religious or other affiliation.
It comes detention decisions at a time when popular protests continue across Iraq for nearly two months, demanding real face of corruption and punish the corrupt and provision of public services and lost the support and the support of reference top Shi'ite cleric in the country, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, which recently called on the government to strike hard on the heads adult corrupt and recover funds looted by the people.
Recall that under the reforms recently announced by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi campaign has decided to reduce the number of cabinet posts to 22 instead of 33 by abolishing the three positions of deputy prime ministers and four ministries and merge eight ministries only four and make it in addition to the cancellation of the posts of Vice President of the Republic and to reduce the protections of officials and reduce salaries and the allocation of the three presidencies of the Republic and the government and parliament accompanied by referral of senior officers in the police and army salaries and allowances cost the state more than $ 25 million annually.