National coalition cabinet calls to reconsider the new salary ladder

Counting national coalition led by Iyad Allawi, on Tuesday, that the imposition of a new career ladder for the salaries of the staff cause great harm to slice wide claim the reforms, and while pointing to the astonishment of the resolution with the lack of any effort to reduce the many basic expenses and accounting corruption is real, demanded to reconsider the decision and not to fight the citizen in his livelihood. A national coalition in a statement received (range Press), a copy of "national coalition surprised by the Cabinet's decision to impose a new career ladder on the staff, including cause great harm to a wide range of efficiency and competence owners claim the reforms". "
He said the coalition in a statement that "at the same time not make any effort to reduce the many basic expenses of government, or fight the real corruption required to return the money to the treasury of Iraq, or work on the provision of state sponsors of investment environment for unemployment and employment absorption." The statement continued that "the House of Representatives put the necessary legislation for financial allocations for doctors, engineers, university professors and other competencies in order to provide incentives to prevent minds leak of Iraq," noting that "the decision to reduce the allocation is indicative of short-sightedness and disorder in the resolution of administrative and political." He called the National Coalition to "reconsider the new salary scale, and to make arrangements for the multiplicity of sources of income policies and the fight against corruption instead of fighting the citizen in his livelihood." The Iraqi Council of Ministers approved, on October 13, 2015, on the recommendations of the reform of personnel salaries system, as agreed on the implementation of the decision for the Supreme Federal Court substances contested in the financial budget for the current 2015 law, it decided to review the law for the current year.