Political Shahristani was in talks between the leaders of the National Alliance to topple Balebadi and the assumption of his office!

Sources from within the National Alliance that there is a scenario to switch Abadi by the National Alliance. The sources, who asked not to be named: that "al-Shahristani was in talks between the leaders of the Alliance for the purpose of ousting Balebadi and the assumption of his office." The sources confirmed that al-Abadi knows very well that al-Shahristani is trying to overthrow him, but he always throws his ball in the yard, who praised al-Maliki, a number of deputies from the National Alliance, a period of his rule. Sources indicate that al-Shahristani, recently met with the ambassadors of the United States and Britain on the subject is likely to Shahristani traveled to Tehran to complete the project for the post of prime minister.

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