Shammari: general amnesty law contains many exceptions and can not be implemented in the coming period

​Baghdad and babysit - denied for security and defense committee member of the parliamentary Kazem al-Shammari, the implementation of the amnesty law in the coming days. Shammari said in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit), on Tuesday, he said that "the general amnesty law contains many exceptions to the equivalent of 14 exception," pointing out that "the amnesty law formality law and no one comes out of prison." He said Shammari said "disagreement on this law happen on article 4 terrorism", stressing that "there are people detained under this rule but 90% of them are oppressed and innocent people." He added Shammari said "There is an opinion counter says that Article 4 terrorism by virtue excluded from the amnesty law law year, "