Government transporting oil agreement with the province to parliament and stresses the clinching

The government has hinted it seeks the transfer of the oil deal with the Kurdistan region is hereby given that the provincial share of the budget for fiscal 2016 by 17% file, to the House of Representatives.
A spokesman for the Office of the Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi told all of Iraq [where] that "the region's share subject to the nature of the oil exports, in the budget in 2015 identified under the oil agreement that the province exported quantity of 550 000 barrels compared to the federal government's commitment to giving him an amount of 17% after deducting expenses sovereign ".
However, to say, "but the reality of the situation did not abide by the provincial export ceiling and this is what made is unable to fulfill the budget of the provincial government did not send a full share, but was sent commensurate with the volume of oil exports in each month of the Kurdistan region."
He stressed newborn "the need to find a consistent plan of action in the implementation of this agreement and this will be a matter present in the parliament a draft 2016 budget law discussed and must reach an agreement once and for all through the House of Representatives sessions because this is linked to the stability of Iraq and accord it between the political forces and unite efforts to fight terrorism. "
He stressed that "this will not be until it is determined the mechanism to deal with this issue and abide by it or not and if they do not get it, you will raise the quota for the province or not .. this is under discussion and can not take action right now."
The Council of Ministers approved in its extraordinary past Sunday, the draft federal budget for fiscal year 2016, amounting to 106 trillion dinars, and a deficit estimated at 22.7 trillion dinars, or 21% of the total budget in which the oil export estimates built Bmadelha daily 3.6 million barrels, at a price the daily average of $ 45 a barrel.
Detection and Culture and Tourism Minister Faryad Roandzi [which belongs to the Kurdish nationalist] for the allocation of 12 trillion and 600 billion dinars as a share of the region of Kurdistan in the budget, "adding" Installing the region's share amounting to 17 percent in the new budget, as opposed to be issued per day 550 000 barrels of the region and the Kirkuk oil Sumo across the company by the oil agreement, "calling at the same time the provincial government delegation to Akaddjum quickly to Baghdad in order to sign a new agreement."
As a member of the parliamentary Economic Committee, Sabhan Suleiman said yesterday that the budget bill arrived at the Presidency of the Council of Representatives by the government to put on the agenda and approval ".