Fatlawi warns "The government and parliament" of a major disaster

5:55 p.m. 10/21/2015

President of the "will of the" Movement MP Hanan al, Wednesday warned that the implementation of the new salary scale will contribute to Iraq emptied of talent and experience, calling on the government to reconsider it.
She Fatlawi in a statement that "the government reconsider ladder new salary because he is thoughtful and a great injustice to employees is an attempt to address the injustice new injustice", noting that "the citizen when he protested and demanded reform did not imagine that the reforms alleged government will be cut through Arzak citizens and major disaster here. "
And wondered Fatlawi, "Is it possible that the government under the pretext of reform by reducing the salaries of employees for the purpose of saving money for the budget, as was stated by Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, without taking into account that the market prices will remain the same, how will be able to citizen arrangement mess, and the fulfillment of previous commitments after reducing his salary."
Considered Fatlawi, that "to reduce the difference between the staff by raising salaries and allowances of the lower grades and not vice versa," warning that "peace will contribute to implementation of the new Iraq emptied of talent and experience."