A version 554 819 smart card for displaced families to receive financial granted

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - October 21: TheMinistry of Displacement and Migration, on Wednesday, for the issuance of (554.819) A smart card for displaced people to receive their designated financial grants in cooperation with the Rafidain and Rasheed global company to issue smart card (ironing Card).

The ministry said in a statement received / Iraq Press / copy of it to that "these cards have been issued so that the displaced families received give them the financial part of the general budget for 2015, which stipulates the distribution of financial grants to the displaced through the smart card exclusively law."

And it showed, that "issuance process of the card up to the month of October now reached (554.819) A smart card and the process continues until the card is issued to all displaced families across the country," asserting that "the capital Baghdad topped other provinces issued (101.590) A card followed by Erbil b (95.515) A card, and then the province of Dohuk (86 937) thousand card and the province of Kirkuk (60.822) A smart card ".