The leadership of the popular crowd accuses al-Abadi negligence and seeking to resolve it


Wednesday, October 21.2015

Commander attacked the Iraqi rally public, which includes volunteers to fight the organization "Daash" non-Abadi interest in arming and training of these forces, which he said has provided thousands of dead and wounded in the fighting, accusing him of trying to solve the crowd, which constitute the advisory opinion of top Shi'ite cleric Sistani and lack of arming and training or to pay the salaries of its components .

Abu Mahdi Mohandes field commander of the rally popular known Bartbatath with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and says in a letter to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and got "Culture" to read it because of its potential legacy of the area of operations against Tnzin Islamic state "Daash" and talk to him directly, he has had to guide this letter to him (perhaps reach you) and told him. And he points out that in 2015 has been allocated a budget for the crowd are the salaries of the fighters were gaunt and drawn less from the budget of one month, the Ministry of Interior, but gave no value.

He adds that he had met with the Finance Committee in the Parliament and after discussions on the role and need the crowd was allocated two billion dinars (about two billion dollars ) But Abadi, not only on the trillion one did the crowd received this year, only a third of this amount agrees is dedicated to buy weapons and equipment.

He says in his letter that he had spoken with al-Abadi several times during the past four months, explaining to him that the crowd bears a heavy responsibility in a huge battle involving administration Army and police forces which have the infrastructure and the camps and the possibilities of armament "We are fighting a partnership war with them, but without the infrastructure, weapons and materiel light and medium, mostly."

He adds deputy commanding general for the crowd People told Abadi in his letter entitled on Tuesday by saying "I presented several times need the crowd to camps and training centers and to moving equipment and weapons more than currently located where we are forced in every battle to pleading and begging .. and today we are the center of a fierce battle ahead of us fighting the fiercest and after the submission of thousands of martyrs and wounded hear that what has been allocated by you for the crowd scrawny and less than the previous budget. " According to Ebadi "Even if your intention to solve the popular crowd in the distant future, or near, at least you must provide the means and the money to sustain the current battlefield momentum."

It was the popular crowd, which currently includes about 200 000 fighters from among the approximately two million people have registered to volunteer after a fatwa issued by Shiite cleric Iraq's top ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, three days after the occupation of the organization "Daash" to the city of Mosul, capital of the northern province of Nineveh, on the tenth of June 2014 and threatened to march to seize the cities of Karbala and Najaf, the holy.

As a result of the lack of interest of the state crowd and not to pay the salaries of its elements months ago, hundreds of them have migrated within the mass exodus taking place in Iraq and Syria to European countries where actually arrived in Germany, Sweden, Greece and France.

Engineer alludes to the possibility of solving the popular crowd and refers Abu Mahdi Mohandes, saying "We are volunteers .. correctly, but these volunteers not deserve the salaries like their brethren soldiers' salaries and police officers, especially since in the crowd of thousands of professionals from doctors and engineers various military and expertise as there are thousands of families of martyrs and they In most of them are poor and there are thousands of wounded and disabled not enough current meager budget for their treatment.

"Abu Mahdi Mohandes asks in his letter directed his words to al-Abadi, saying," Why stay arming the crowd at this level and deprived of armored wheeled combat carriers and showers except for the few who gets the crowd? .. Why leave the volunteers to face who became missiles and weapons of the enemy with their bodies tender and most of them young people in their twenties .. Why are deprived of the means to detect and detonate roadside bombs? ".

It demands Engineer Abadi Abadi at the conclusion of his letter to reconsider its own crowd value of the budget and administration for the current battle and the formation of staff of the body comprising the ministries of defense, interior and popular crowd or the leadership of joint operations the numbers and distribution of funds, weapons and ammunition, according to the battle requirements and those who fought and without disperse.

And Abu Mahdi born engineer in Basra in 1954, then earned a bachelor's degree in 1977 from the University of Technology in Baghdad Engineering Branch and return to Basra and work in the General Establishment for iron and steel as observers technician until 1980 when he was forced to flee to Kuwait on a forged passport carries Jamal Abdel Nabi Ali name after he was named in the confessions of the Dawa Party in Basra officials who signed the security men grip.

In Kuwait re-association with the Dawa party through one led a Abdul Zahra Othman (Abu Yassin) was a fugitive from Iraq also take a name activist best known for his later (Ezzedine Salim) before he was killed in Baghdad in 2004 when a car bomb when he was chairman of the Governing Council, which was formed by the Americans after shot down Saddam's regime where you know There are a lot of leaders and party cadres who preceded him to escape to Kuwait.

During the stability of the engineer in Kuwait for several years information indicates that he was carrying a number 2722174 in the residence where he practiced political and security activity hostile to the regime of Saddam Hussein before the Kuwaiti government prevented then from practicing any card Activity on its territory.

After parking the Gulf with Iraq in its war against Iran Engineer beginning attacked in 1983 with a group of his comrades in the Dawa Party response, a number of sensitive buildings in the capital Kuwait, including the US and French embassies and other missions by explosives turned out to be homemade and was prepared inside the country, killing six people and wounding 80 others, including nationals of EU and US.

This payment Kuwaiti judiciary to the sentencing to death of the engineer after being convicted of involvement in the bombings in port but the engineer had fled from Kuwait hours after the bombings to Iran through a cruise He had booked a ticket on board one day before the implementation of bombings and settled there and married an Iranian woman and acquired Iranian citizenship and was appointed military adviser to the Quds Force, which was responsible attack Iraqi forces (during the war between the two countries), which were stationed around Basra, his hometown.

Crowd popular recommendations .. and charges
and considered the crowd popular security system within the Iraqi security establishment as stated by al-Abadi has a budget estimated at $ 60 million from the Iraqi budget for 2015.

Upon the formation of the crowd Sistani has issued directives contained 20 recommendations urges its affiliates to handle Islamic morality and freedom people or people belonging to Daash in the liberated any harm or persecution areas and not to harm the adult age, children and women and not to cut any tree, but having to cut as well as the treatment of non-Muslims treated well and not to their prejudice.

But the elements did not prevent the crowd from committing looting and sectarian killings paid leader Moqtada al-Sadr to say that the militias described Baloqahh working together with the popular crowd conducting slaughter and attacked unjustly against Iraqi citizens who do not belong to the organization, "Daash" and stressed that such practices will lead to the failure of the victory of the crowd obedient for reference and loving the nation and called for the isolation of These militias. For its part, Human Rights Watch pointed to the exposure of the Sunni areas to the violations some of which may amount to war crimes and said that some of the areas exposed to the attacks appear to be part of a campaign by the militias to displace the population of Sunni and mixed areas.

In the midst of the popular crowd, which consists in the vast majority of volunteers Shiites before joining him recently by volunteers from Sunni areas occupied by the "Daash" fierce battles against the regulation currently in northern Baghdad after security forces had participated in the liberation of some cities and towns in western Iraq.