Kurdistan delegation to visit Baghdad to renew the oil agreement
- OCTOBER 21, 2015

BAGHDAD - morning Khalidi

A delegation from the Kurdistan visit to Baghdad soon to discuss the outstanding between the two sides oil issues, at a time Search President Fuad Masum, with Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari events taking place in Kurdistan amid attempts to renew the previous agreement between the province and Baghdad, according to Chairman of the Committee on Energy parliamentary Ares Abdullah, who He said in a statement yesterday that the (oil problem is one of the main outstanding problems between Baghdad and Erbil two years ago did the parties reach a result to resolve this file), pointing out that (the absence of a law regulating the oil sector contributes to the failure to resolve the problems between the Kurdistan region and other oil-producing provinces of hand and the federal government on the other hand).

In the meantime, high Nassif MP called on the government to make Kirkuk oil within the quota under its control issued through Aloutnah.oukalt Nassif oil company said in a statement (the oil accord failed provided an opportunity for the Government of the Territory to make Kirkuk part of its stake, and it was the excuse at the time and there is a malfunction in tube prevents the export of Kirkuk oil through the national oil company, but the case has become a reality and the passage of days has been to ignore this great rags), adding that the (central government on resolving the Kirkuk issue and correct errors caused by the oil agreement failed, and the government should make the conversion process funds to the region in exchange for the oil within the actual implementation mechanism). Nassif stressed the (importance of the non-diversion of any money received without oil).

On the other search infallible hand with al-Jaafari, security and political developments as well as ongoing in the Kurdistan region events. He said a statement to the Office of al-Jaafari that (the two sides discussed during the visit of al-Jaafari to infallible developments in the security and political s government and the parliamentary and judicial reforms and victories achieved by the sons of our armed forces and the crowd and popular clans and Peshmerga in War against Daash gangs terrorist, and the situation of the displaced families and the efforts of the Iraqi diplomatic), adding that (the two sides discussed the ongoing Kurdistan developments, and the need to resolve differences through dialogue, and to create the appropriate atmosphere, and to show the mentality of resolving the crisis, and the return of stability, and take responsibility for the current stage).