Message from the Chairman of the Central Bank on the occasion of World Statistics Day and Date Statistics and Planning

28 Persian date Mehr 1394 (20 October 2015)

Public Relations Department of the Central Bank of the text message is as follows:

Chairman of the Central Bank in the Global Day of statistics and on Statistics and Planning message to managers of various economic sectors and congratulated those involved in the field of economic statistics.

Move in the direction of economic development requires accurate and timely statistics is. The banking system and the central bank has long since established as one of the most important organizations of the country, coinciding with important missions such as maintaining the value of the national currency and setting the monetary and credit system of the country to the importance and necessity of the statistics in order to carry out this mission has been recognized. So the task for the country's economic data from the 1314 and since then has continuously and during production. Statistics produced by the central bank in addition to being used constantly and confirmed by international organizations, in the country also attracted the attention of policy-makers, decision-makers, academics and researchers.

Twentieth October 2015 (28 Persian date Mehr 1394) of the United Nations as World Statistics Day is named. UN Secretary-General, in a message from governments and organizations producing statistics requested to celebrate this day. I emphasized the importance of the production and use of statistics to advance the goals of development and progress of the country, the International Day of Statistics and October, daily statistics and planning in organizations producing statistics in the country and especially my colleagues at the Federal Reserve and the center Statistics Iran congratulates Gvym.

It is good to celebrate this day of households, managers of various economic sectors and sources of price formation in the years patiently answer questions for representatives of the central bank plans to complete statistical questionnaires thank worked. Without public participation, continuous production when economic data is not possible.

I am very happy with the Central Bank in order to provide the necessary data to monitor the sixth program of infrastructure development and the realization of the Supreme Leader emphasized the resilience of the economy, the year 1395 (note: 1st day of 1395 is 20 March 2016) as the year of the revision of the base year chosen economic indicators. In this year of studying and employing the latest scientific findings on issues of world economic data, statistical framework for all schemes in urban areas of the updated results based on it for years to come with the integrity of it to the said.

Finally I hope that with empathy and compassion all the organizations and institutions active in the field of statistics in the country, increasing growth and improving the statistical system in this country too.