Implementation in the Iraqi Justice Department announces financial revenue for the month of September

Twilight News / announced the Ministry of Justice, the Department of implementation, the percentage of their profits and activities achieved during the month of September.

A statement issued by the Media Ministry responded to Twilight News, said revenue for the implementation of the Department of (716 268 990) seven hundred and sixteen million, two hundred and sixty-eight thousand nine hundred and ninety dinars, adding that the amount is the sum of what Asthsalth circle for judicial fees are met during the month of September.

The statement added that the proportion of trusts obtained from debtors was (14,530,086,485) fourteen billion five hundred and thirty one million eighty thousand four hundred and eighty-five dinars, adding that the proportion of trusts disbursed to beneficiaries was (12,530,767,284) twelve billion and five hundred and thirty million seven hundred and sixty-seven thousand two hundred and eighty four dinars.

The statement continued that the department has implemented a number of verdicts issued by the competent courts, where a total of (2729) included a variety of issues including the provisions of alimony, custody and other, stressing that the Department legal relations in a continuous circle follow-up anti-corruption measures in the districts of implementation where the number of complaints (19) settled them (5), indicating that the official correspondence of (210) and the number of arguments (3) during the past month.