Parliamentary Agriculture stresses the need for Iraq to protect the product "local"

Our economy / Baghdad - The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture Furat al-Tamimi, the need to activate the laws to protect the product "local" and the imposition of "collection" on imported products in order to activate the agricultural sector in the country.

Tamimi said in a press statement I followed the agency, "our economy" News, "It has to be activating the role of the industrial and agricultural sector to meet the fiscal budget deficit for 2016, especially after the big drop in oil prices, which resulted in increasing the proportion of austerity in the financial budget for next year and because Iraq is the main imports are oil "noting that" the launch of the amount of the 5 trillion by the Central Bank will help to move the agriculture sector is the biggest."

The Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture in Parliament that "the government spent billions on agriculture sector since 2008 until now without improving anything noteworthy," noting that "the agricultural sector a great need to be developed in light of this new data, but there are obstacles to hinder the sector such as policy dumping and other things."

And between Tamimi we "need to be activated and the enactment of many important laws that help agriculture in the development of such a law to protect the local product and support as well as the activation of the customs tariff" collection "on imported from outside Iraq products", calling at the same time the Ministries of Agriculture and Water Resources to "support the farmer and agriculture for the advancement of agricultural reality in the country and to import technologies as tools and machines that are used in this area and all of this is part of the farmer support."

This "reached the Ministry of Agriculture through the Agricultural Research Service to devise many distinctive varieties of agricultural crops appropriate strategy for the Iraqi environment to raise the level of agricultural production and vegetative."