We have (325) funded by the private sector and foreign projects

BAGHDAD / JD / .. revealed Baghdad Investment Authority about the existence of (325) funded and foreign private sector projects.
The Commission said in a statement received / JD / copy of it: that the head of the Investment Shaker Zamili body visited a number of investment projects in Baghdad and see the progress of the plan work and the stages of completion achieved .tdment round visit to the project new life. The project consists of five thousand housing units for various spaces and contains all the services of schools, health centers and public parks, in addition to the city integrated entertainment Games 127 acres. This project did provide significant employment opportunities for many unemployed youth as well as the Iraqi engineering cadres. He Zamili that the project is one of the large group of investment projects in Baghdad, noting that we have 325 investment projects, all funded by the private sector presentation visor sector and foreign, and added that These projects offer a great opportunity to support the development and investment sector, it said in a statement: that the tour included a visit to the Iraqi German hospital project site, which Ancie on an area of 45 000 acres m 2, where the hospital building consists of ten floors with 200 beds in the first phase and 300 final stage of the project
Zamili confirmed During the visit, he said the hospital has a medical center for the cultivation of the heart, kidneys and General Surgery Iraqi administration German and there will be a significant polarization of cadres and expertise of medical world even Aydtr Iraqi citizen to travel for treatment outside the country, adding that the total cost of the project amounted to 100 million dollars and one project from within (7 ) hospitals in Baghdad received support from Baghdad Investment Authority to implement .walparwa provided jobs for many young people and reduce unemployment.