Housing and Ser (tbi) discuss resettlement of project staff salaries

BAGHDAD / JD / .. contract and Minister of Construction and Housing and Municipalities and Public Works Tariq Kikhany meeting with Hamdiya dry Director of Commercial Bank of Iraq (tbi) in the presence of agents, consultants and directors-general in the ministry to discuss the project resettlement ministry staff salaries with the bank to invest in the construction of residential complexes to them. He said Kikhany In a statement after the meeting received / JD / copy of it: that this meeting comes in preparation for the meeting of a tripartite joint between the ministry and the bank and one of the investors to put the implementation of this project, which is the guarantor of all parties, especially the Ministry's staff who wish to obtain housing units for them in installments to ensure their salaries to be awarded the point of investing mechanisms for the construction of housing units by the completion of these units and according to international standards ratios.
He stressed that the ministry is keen on providing housing units for employees in particular and the rest of the state employees in general and in the case of access to the final version of the project and successfully applied in the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Municipalities and Public Works, it will open the door to the rest of the ministries and resolve a large part of the housing crisis.
For her part, Director of the Commercial Bank of appreciation for the ministry to adopt this project, which very successfully applied in Arab and foreign countries, adding that the ministry was also one of the first ministries that used credit cards to pay their employees system as staff are now able Since the application of this system to receive their salaries from an ATM in the organs of the ministry and a number of areas of Baghdad and the provinces and a number of countries in the world.