A representative of the bank charges to a central contribution to the loss of 57 percent of Iraq's imports

He revealed the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi, Tuesday, for the loss of half of the oil imports because of the central bank and financial policy, and currency auctions conducted by asserting the existence of a window parties are protecting a number of traders who circumvent the instructions to make large profits. She said Tamimi, in a statement received / scales News / copy of "57% of the oil resources go to (pockets) traders and politicians through a complicated process to circumvent the central bank instructions for the distribution of hard currency," indicating that "the central bank gives importers currency difficult preferential prices less than prices in the currency exchange market in order to maintain the exchange rates, in exchange for receipts for the purchase of imported materials provided by the merchants. " She said the parliamentary finance committee member, said "mafia corruption and wide are to submit reports to the Central Bank issued by traders refer to the intention of a trader importing million vacuum cleaner for the assumption of $ 10 million bought by the dealer at the official Central Bank of the Exchange and which is estimated at a thousand, one hundred and seventeen dinars to the dollar." she said, adding that "the commercial attachés in countries of origin as well as customs, and other episodes shared by certain percentages major process of corruption such as the first episode is the central bank that are not based on a plan import introduction of the Ministries of Planning and Trade about the actual need of the imported goods as well as the merchant brings official letters issued by commercial attachés and border crossings confirm the alleged volume of imports, when we had a census of the imported goods on paper and is not actually found that the refrigerant, for example, were imported about 80 million refrigerated within only 4 months in the sense that every Iraqi Mbrdtin and a half ".